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Ever since I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. With the lack of available childcare in our area plus the fact that most of my paycheque would go to paying childcare, it just made sense that I stay home. I’m so thankful that it was an option for our family.

As our family grew and our lives changed, living on a single income became harder and harder. I had a small Etsy business going, but I knew that it wouldn’t be sustainable as a form of income for much longer – especially with a new baby on the way.

One day, in a Facebook group, I saw someone mention that they were a “virtual assistant”. I’d never heard that term before, and I was intrigued. I did a little Google research and was shocked to find out that this was an increasingly popular thing. As someone with a background in administration, I knew it was something I had to learn more about.

After months of research (and two months after adding our son to our family), I began my journey as a Virtual Assistant. While it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

Wait – What Is a Virtual Assistant?

The term “virtual assistant” is kind of a catch-all description for many different jobs. Generally speaking, a virtual assistant is a freelancer or contracted worker working virtually on the jobs that you give them. They may work on an hourly or monthly rate, or by retainer. “Retainer” means you pay a set amount by the task or for a predetermined amount of time.

So What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

This is a tough question to answer because each VA has their own specialty. No two VA’s are exactly the same. They might specialize in administrative tasks, like managing email inboxes, managing a calendar or schedule, or making phone calls.

There are social media VA’s (sometimes called Social Media Managers) who run one or all of a business’s social media channels. Many narrow their services down and become an expert in one field. They then can go by the names of Instagram Manager, Pinterest Strategist, etc.

There are VA’s who prefer the tech side of things. They might do video or podcast editing, website building, or work with another specific platform.

I could keep going, but we’d be here all week! Chances are if you can name a task required for running a business, someone’s looking to outsource it to a VA. You can also check out my services page for a list of the services I offer.

Hmm… That Sounds like Something I Might like to Do!

Those were my exact thoughts when I first learned about VA’s. I was a little bit scared because while I’d worked in the administrative field for several years, I didn’t really have much experience in the virtual world. After lots of research and learning, I found an amazing course that taught me the basics of getting started and running my own VA business.

SavvySystem is a course run by Abbey Ashley of The Virtual Savvy. It (usually) opens twice a year: January and July.

Not only did it teach me how to get my footing as a new business owner, but it also helped me realize which skills I already had and could easily market – with no extra training required!

Some topics SavvySystem covers are:

  • Setting up your business legally
  • Building a website
  • Which services you can offer
  • How to create &  price your packages
  • How to find your first client
  • & so much more!

Finding and learning all this information on your own would take MONTHS – the fact that it’s all here in one place and super user-friendly is AMAZING!

But don’t take my word for it – check out some of the awesome testimonials over on the SavvySystem page!

But Wait – Isn’t the Virtual Assistant Market Totally Saturated?

It’s true – there are lots of VA’s out there. But that’s because there’s a HUGE demand! VA’s aren’t just being hired by other online entrepreneurs – they’re being hired by corporate bigwigs as well.

With the number of small businesses on the rise every day, the demand is just growing. Small businesses can’t always afford to hire more physical employees – and it just isn’t possible to hire someone for 1-2 hours a day. That’s where a VA comes in! A VA can be hired on by the hour to do the little tasks that need to be done, but just aren’t enough to warrant hiring a full-time employee.

Because every business is so different, there’s an almost endless supply of different jobs that need to be done. As businesses evolve and new technologies are created, there’s always going to be a need for help.

Alright – I’m Sold! How Do I Become a Virtual Assistant?

You could go it on your own – spending hours or days or even months researching and reading everything you can find about Virtual Assistants.

Or – you could sign up for SavvySystem and get your business up and running in no time.

SavvySystem will help you get your business up and running quickly – so you can start making money.

With the step-by-step plan outlined in the course, you’ll go from wishing you could find a job you love to OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS and rocking it, in no time flat!

What are you waiting for?? Jump on it! Click here to sign up.