Stay Creative Box: A Subscription Box for Canadian Entrepreneurs

The Stay Creative Box is so much more than just your typical subscription box full of stuff. Every item selected tells a story. Like the hardworking husband and wife team. Or the mom of two young kids, staying home to take care of her family and wanting to be creative and make some grocery money on the side. Or the single gal who decided to throw caution into the wind quit her day job and follow her dream. Every box is full of stories, late nights, hard work and tons of passion. How exciting is it to be a part of that?  #subscriptionbox #canadian #entrepreneur #handmade

As a Canadian, I’m used to missing out on shopping opportunities based on shipping costs, availability, etc. I can’t count the times I’ve been excited about a subscription box to only realize that it would cost upwards of $30 extra each month just to ship it across the border!

Then I found the Stay Creative box - a quarterly subscription box full of Canadian-made products, curated specially for Canadian entrepreneurs.

Each box is filled with 8-10 items, like desk decor, planning tools, tech accessories, and digital resources from a variety of Canadian artisans, etsy sellers, and other small businesses, and only costs $49.00 each quarter (or $179 if you prepay for an entire year).

I was so excited to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador for this subscription box, and I anxiously awaited my free Starter Box the second I got the shipping notification!

Included in the Starter Box were 9 awesome, super unique items. I’ve divided them into 4 categories for simplicity sake.

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Wooden “Hustle” banner by Spring Meadow Co

This wooden banner is adorable - it’s the perfect size to hang on a bulletin board, or even use as a christmas tree ornament if you’re so inclined. I have it just above my desk at my kitchen work-station, and it’s a great reminder. I know there’s a lot of mixed feelings about the word “hustle” and how it’s applied to entrepreneurship, but I feel like it reminds me to work to my full potential. Plus it’s super cute!

Hustle banner by
Winter Confetti by @pomtreeshop.jpg

Winter Confetti by PomTree

I have to admit, my first thought when I saw this confetti was , “What am I going to use this for?!”
But then it hit me.

I have a 4-year-old daughter who, like many other 4-year-olds, is absolutely OBSESSED with the movie Frozen.

This winter-themed confetti just happens to also fit in with the Frozen colour scheme, and is just perfect for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party!

I’ve also used it in several flatlay shots, and it makes the perfect little background sparkle/pop of colour. The shop even has environmentally friendly (biodegradable!) options available, which are perfect for outdoor events.

Office Supplies

Weekly Desk Planner by The Creative Spark Studio

I’m absolutely IN LOVE with this planner notepad. It’s the perfect size - just small enough to sit on my desk without taking up too much space, but large enough that I can actually write in the spaces without my writing becoming illegible.

I’m also a big fan of the watercolour trend, and the pinks and blues on this notepad are just perfect. There’s an adorable matching meal planning notepad in the etsy shop too - I’m planning on snagging it with the handy 15% off coupon the makers threw in.

Planner by @thecreativesparkstudio and Hustle Banner by
Pineapple Sticky Notes by @hilovegreetings.jpg

Pineapple Sticky Notes by HiLove Greetings

These sticky notes are so perfect! I’m bit of a sticky note addict, and I’m always up for some fresh designs. The brightly coloured pineapple fits in nicely with my neon Post-its, and I already have several sheets on the wall above my desk. I even used one to send a note to my daughter’s preschool teacher!

Digital Items

Stock Photos by Urban Design Co

I love stock photos, and I’m always on the lookout for more. This collection (called the “Blogger’s Bundle”) has a great variety of styles and colours. There are flowers, hot beverages, office supplies, and even a few blank screens ready for mockups. The colours range from pink to blues to neutrals, and are perfect for virtually any business. This is really nice, since many stock photos seem to be aimed at the pink/floral end of the market (which is ME, but doesn’t appeal to everyone!). The variety of props makes it easy to find a photo that fits your needs in a specific situation.


“Grow Your Network” course by HerPaperRoute

$49 value

I was really excited for this course. It’s described on the box insert as:

Looking to grow your network? This course offers so much. From creating an effective email marketing strategy to finally unerstanding SEO; this course will truly help you get to that next level.”
In this course you’ll learn:
* Email Marketing Strategies
* Social Media Marketing
* Traffic & SEO

Unfortunately, right off the bat, I couldn’t find the course at the link provided. The link took me to the main Teachable page for HerPaperRoute, but the course wasn’t displayed on the page. I reached out to the Stay Creative team and they informed me that the course had been changed, and is now the “Grow Your List” course. This new course is an email marketing course, valued at $29.

I was disappointed to hear this, as I was excited about the traffic & SEO portion of the course, but I did find a free SEO course offered by HerPaperRoute, so I’m planning on trying that out as well.

The email marketing course appears to be very well done, so I’m looking forward to diving deeper into it when I have a chance.


Canadian Maple Tea by Pluck Teas

This tea smelled AMAZING. I have to admit though, I didn’t actually try it - I ended up gifting this to a tea enthusiast family member for Christmas. I currently have a massive stash of unopened teas from my Advent Calendar and purchases throughout the year, and I figured it was best to give this to someone who could enjoy it!

Pluck Teas is a Toronto-based company, packaging all of their own teas on site in TO. They’ve been around since 2012, and supply teas to many businesses and restaurants in the area.

Canadian Maple Tea by @Pluckteas.jpg
Bath bomb by @Hollyberrybody.jpg

Cupcake bath bomb by HollyBerryBody

I’ll admit - I haven’t tried many bath bombs, so my opinion may be a little bit biased. But this one had the cutest packaging and the most adorable presentation! Not to mention that it’s totally natural, and doesn’t contain ANY essential oils.

Now let me clarify - I’m not anti-essential oils. I’m just very cautious about essential oil safety. Living in a house with children under 6 (one is under 2) as well as a cat means that we don’t use very many essential oils in our house at all. (Interested in learning more about essential oil safety around children or pets? Check out this awesome facebook group!)

This bath bomb didn’t leave any weird film on the bathtub (or on me!), and the smell was pleasant - noticeable, but not too strong. The scent didn’t linger on me or the tub afterwards, either!

All Products.jpg

Phone Handle by LoveHandle

To be honest, I haven’t even tried this yet. I like to put my phone in my pocket and I’m worried this will make it harder for my already fairly large (Samsung Galaxy S7) phone to fit in my tiny girl-pockets. Not to mention that I have a case with a nice design on the back, and I don’t want to cover it up with the large handle.

I might pass this on to one of my parents so it doesn’t sit around unused!

Flatlay Prop

After all the hours I’ve spent scouring the dollar store and clearance areas for cute flatlay props, NOT ONCE had I ever thought of heading to the floral aisle of the craft store and snagging a few little pieces. This is sheer brilliance, and my flatlays are going to be 100x more awesome now! This little sprig of leaves just gives that little extra touch to an otherwise plain flatlay.

While not every item in this box was a 100% win for me, that’s just something you get with a subscription box! Overall, this is a great box and I’m looking forward to ordering in the Spring round!

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