Using Tailwind to Grow Your Blog on Autopilot

Tailwind is an amazing way to promote your blog or business on Pinterest. Automation and scheduling are the best way to grow your audience (and increase your income!) while you work on other parts of your business.

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One of the easiest ways to promote your blog or business is on Pinterest. But constantly pinning quality content can be exhausting - that's where Pin Schedulers come in!

What is a Pin Scheduler?

A pin scheduler is an app that saves pins to a Pinterest board for you at a predetermined date & time or interval. This is a huge time-saver, meaning that you can schedule pins to go out while you're grocery shopping, sleeping, or even while you're away on vacation! This ensures that even though you may be taking a break, your marketing strategy isn't - keeping your traffic and growth consistent.

Why Tailwind?

There are a few options out there for Pin Schedulers - today, we're going to focus on Tailwind. Tailwind is an official partner of Pinterest, meaning Pinterest has given the scheduler its stamp of approval. This also means that all those rumors about Pinterest "punishing" accounts that use a scheduler aren't true ;) 

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Tailwind has so many amazing features - here's a rundown of my absolute favorites!

Smart Schedule

Tailwind analyzes the activity on your pins and tells you the optimal time for you to be pinning. This way, your pins will reach your audience at the times when they are most likely to see your content. The "active" time slots are in green, with additional suggested timeslots in the dotted circles.

Tailwind recommends starting with 10 pins per day, slowly increasing the number as you find more time and things to share. 


Tailwind actually started out as an analytics company, so they know their stuff! Used alongside Google Analytics and Pinterest’s Analytics, you can learn so much about what type of content performs well, and what your audience doesn’t like.

Board Lists

Group boards are an integral part of a solid Pinterest strategy, and this is a great way to keep them organized! Instead of having to pin the same pin over and over to different group boards (and trying to keep track of which group boards allow what type of pin), just label a set of group boards by each topic! For example, you might have a set of Dessert recipe boards, a set of Gardening boards, and a set of InstantPot boards. Now when you create a new pin for a blog post, you can schedule it to all of your Dessert boards with just one click by typing in “dessert” and selecting that board list.
So easy!


Tribes are Tailwind’s take on group boards. Here you can find and schedule content straight from Tailwind, as well as share your own content. Because there’s so much information on using Tribes, I’ll tackle them in a separate post

Duplication Reminders

With all the amazing content out there on Pinterest and the volume of pinning each day, it can be hard to keep track of what you’ve already pinned, and where. Luckily, Tailwind has a feature for that! When you schedule a pin that’s previously been pinned to the same board, Tailwind will outline the board title in yellow. You can hover over the notification to read the details, and it’ll even tell you when you last shared that pin to that board. This is perfect for group boards that require a set amount of time between repeated pins - nobody wants to be kicked out for not following the rules.

Using Tailwind

You’re not really saving any time with a scheduler if you need to pin every day. Instead, set aside a few hours every week to schedule the next week’s content - I do this on Saturday usually.  When you want to add a pin to your schedule, there are 3 ways you can go about it:

1 - Upload a Pin

tailwind upload pin.jpg

This is probably the most basic option for adding a pin to your schedule. If you head to the PUBLISH section on your Tailwind dashboard,  you’ll see a button that says “Create New Pin” on the right-hand side of your screen. From there, you can upload your pin image, write your description, and add the link to your content. DO NOT FORGET THIS STEP! Tailwind defaults the link to your domain but unless you update this, your pin will just direct people to your homepage instead of to the content you’re trying to pin!

2 - Schedule multiple Pins at once

This requires the browser extension, which you can download through Tailwind.

First, head to wherever you want to source your pins. I usually do this from group boards, but you can do it from your homefeed as well! Click on the Tailwind extension in your browser. 

This will bring up a window like you see here, where you can select the pins you want to schedule. Choose as many as you like, making sure the images are good quality, and the descriptions are well-written. Once you've chosen all of the pins you want to use, click the blue GO SCHEDULE button in the bottom right.

Now you have the ability to select which board(s) you want the pins to go to. If you want them ALL to go to the same board, type it into the box at the top labeled "Add Board to All".

If the pins are on different topics, or you just want them to go to separate boards, you can type the board name into the box under each pin image. Here you can choose whether to save the image on Facebook, Twitter, or add to Tribes as well. I don't use these features very often, but feel free to test them out!

Once you're done, hit the green Schedule It button on the top right-hand side of the screen. If you want to make changes before you schedule these pins, hit Save for Later. That will save the pins to your Drafts for more edits. If there are any errors or missing information on any of the pins, you'll get an alert and it won't let you save them. If a pin is missing a description or link, I'll usually just delete it by hovering over the image and hitting Delete. This is why you always need to remember to upload a proper description and link with your pin!

3 - Schedule a single Pin

This feature also requires the Tailwind browser extension, and is incredibly handy to use as you’re browsing other blogs! Just hover over the pinnable image, and click the grey "Schedule" button in the bottom corner. This will open up the same scheduling window, so just follow the same steps as above!


Get Scheduling!

Tailwind is a great way to build momentum as a newbie blogger and the perfect way to automate a tedious part of your day. Whether you’re new to the entrepreneurial scene or a seasoned veteran, you’ll definitely want to make Tailwind one of your promotional tools.

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Need some extra help setting up your Tailwind Account?

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