• How to Make Money from Home as a Virtual Assistant

    A pinnable image for a blog post. How to work from home as a virtual assistant.

    Ever since I found out I was pregnant with our daughter, I knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. With the lack of available childcare in our area plus the fact that most of my paycheque would go to paying childcare, it just made sense that I stay home. I’m so thankful that it […]

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  • The Top 5 Pinterest Mistakes People Make

    A pinnable image for a blog post. The top 5 mistakes people make on Pinterest and how to fix them.

    Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to help a variety of business owners try to figure out Pinterest. While each business has unique challenges with the platform, I’ve found several common Pinterest mistakes that pop up each time – even with seasoned Pinners. Let’s go over those issues and chat about how […]

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