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Hey there!

I’m Alexandra – a Virtual Assistant for creative entrepreneurs

As a Virtual Assistant, I help hard-working boss babes like you put the DREAM back into DREAM JOB by taking all of the mundane “need-to-do-but-don’t-want-to-do” tasks off your plate and giving you time to work on the things you really enjoy.

You're super excited that your business is growing - but now you're totally swamped with all the behind-the-scenes work you have to do in order to keep up.

here's how i can help:

Admin Tasks

Whether it’s making sure you’re on time for appointments, keeping your email inbox tidy, or making travel arrangements for your next conference, I’m happy to take the behind-the-scenes admin tasks off your plate!

Blog Management

It doesn’t matter if you’re a WordPress girl or a Squarespace fan – I’m happy to help manage the back-end of your blog while you spend your valuable time creating more content.

Tech Management

Let’s be honest – with all the different programs and gadgets available to grow your business, you’d have to clone yourself in order to learn them all. Why waste precious time learning yet another program when you can instead use that time to grow your business in other ways?

kind words from past clients
  • “I knew Pinterest was a great way to market my products, but the whole thing just felt so overwhelming.
    Alexandra helped me get my products out in front of my target audience! The traffic to my Etsy shop shot up from nothing to 27%!
    Alexandra was thorough and patiently answered all my questions. She helped me learn to navigate Pinterest like a pro! I loved her customer service and personal touches.”

    – Glenda Aguirre of Tatalie Unique Iron-Ons
  • “Alexandra helped me streamline my business, managed my inbox and kept my project management system up to date. She quickly learned ClickUp and is a pro now! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to free up time in their business.”

    – Ann Marie O’Braskin
  • “Alexandra is smart, creative, and dedicated to making sure you’ve got the information and tools you need to get the job done. Her blog post about organizing your calendar as a busy mom resonated with me and prodded me to actually start planning my life, rather than letting life run roughshod over me. If you need help getting organized, you need Alexandra.”

    – Kriss Judd
  • “My account needed a serious spring cleaning. Alexandra not only helped me bring some new life into my account, but she was able to help optimize my content in ways I would not have thought of doing. I didn’t have to research anything. If a question popped into my head, I could just ask her and she knew. In fact, Alexandra knew a lot of answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask! It was a dreamy client experience throughout!”

    – Lanie Lamarre of Miss #GSD
  • “I was so clueless and beyond lost when it came to using Pinterest for my business. During my session with Alexandra, I had a huge AHA moment! I finally understood how to use the power of Pinterest Analytics and can harness it to plan my Pinterest Strategy. I felt supported throughout the whole experience, and Alexandra was very responsive. She’s obviously committed to helping her clients utilize Pinterest in growing their businesses!”

    – Nicole Doumato of So This Is Love
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